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Joseph D'Eugenio

Joseph D'Eugenio

Director of Music Ministry

The great composer and father of sacred music, Johann Sebastian Bach, said that “it is the special province of music to move the heart.” Music can move our hearts to experience a heightened sense of comfort and exaltation while guiding us into a realm that transcends the ordinariness of our daily lives. Since becoming Music Director in 2003, I continue to witness the transformative power of music in our congregation as it moves hearts, stimulates our intelligence, and inspires our souls each and every week. Our historic sanctuary provides an intimate setting for music of all periods and styles to be presented, and our congregation appreciates music with texts and harmonies that resonate and resound throughout the centuries, including music that is composed in our time for us.

As a music director, conductor, pianist, organist, and music educator, I experience great joy and fulfillment in broadening our musical community by welcoming and educating those who sing or play an instrument so that they can share their talents. With degrees in music from The Hartt School and Universities of Hartford and Connecticut, and as Artistic Director of GMChorale for more than two decades, I value and cherish the many opportunities I have had while living a life in music, and am passionate about encouraging others to discover and develop their musical gifts and talents so as to enrich themselves and the spiritual lives of those in our congregation.


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